Is your practice running on a "patchwork" system?
Manual or electronic time records, spreadsheets, generic accounting packages?

Does it result in....

  • valuable project management time unnecessarily wasted on EOI and proposal origination?
  • inaccurate project histories for tendering?
  • unrecovered billable hours?
  • inaccurate tracking and allocation of project disbursements?
  • financial staff unable to cope with ad hoc project report requests on top of standard data capture and reconciliation, timeous invoicing of WIP as well as producing company financials on time?
  • inefficient project management?

The Proman Advantage

Integrated, streamlined capture of project and other time and disbursements, correctly allocated by project or as overheads Continuous WIP management, draft and final invoicing, project budgeting and forecasting.

Eliminates data capture and duplication errors. Enables financial staff to provide accurate, realtime reporting project and company wide.


  • Pays its way from smallest to very large multi-national ACE businesses
  • System fully functional in a matter of a few weeks


  • Rapid implementation
  • No superfluous functionality
  • No costly customisation
  • Accessible via the internet