Managing Work in Progress (WIP)

The correct management of is vital for Consulting Engineering and other time and materials based enterprises. This is because up to 80% of the capital employed in the business sits in WIP & Debtors. ProMan's WIP management accelerates the invoicing and payment cycle. It frees up or reduces working capital, lowers interest payable and improves profitability.

ProMan's Integrated WIP and Debtors management accelerates the Cash Conversion Cycle through:

  • Direct Interactive Invoicing - project managers can request and make any changes to draft invoices prior to final issue
  • Realtime reports on Debtor & WIP ageing
  • Enabling Cost Provisions on projects
  • Correct processing of "Fees in Advance"
  • Full recovery of project-related disbursements
  • Update of all real time data when rates are updated in the system
  • Automatic updating of all project and company financials